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 Air Purification Systems 

For the ultimate in allergy/asthma relief and protection
from colds, flu & other infections, Lincoln recommends
these two state-of-the-art air purification systems:

Perfect AirTM Purification System
by Bryant(R)

Patented three-stage technology both Captures and KillsTM dangerous bacteria, viruses, pollen and mold as well as filters your entire living space air as often as 8 times each hour. Can be fitted to work with any brand ducted heating and/or cooling system.

  • Unsurpassed germicidal capability
  • Can clean up to 100 times more air than portable unit
  • Long-lasting MERV 15 filter; can be fitted with patented True SenseTM dirty filter detection alert available with Bryant's Evolution(R) control.
  • Captures up to 95% of particles 0.3 to 1.0 microns in size
  • Kills or inactivates up to 99% of germs, pollen and mold captured
  • Proven effective against these common pathogens and fungus:
    • Aspergillus versicolor (a common fungus)
    • avian influenza
    • Bacillus subtilis
    • common cold
    • coronavirus (SARS)
    • human influenza
    • measles
    • Mycobacterium parafortuitum (tuberculosis surrogate)
    • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    • Serratia marcescens
    • smallpox surrogate
    • Staphylococcus aureus
    • Streptococcus
    • wild type A influenza
  • Engineered for minimal air resistance (pressure drop) to protect heating/cooling equipment and to keep it running efficiently.
  • 10-year parts limited warranty upon timely registration

See the three-stage technology in action.

Air Knight REME(R)
by RGF Environmental

The Air Knight REME(R)adds an important new level of protection to that which is provided by the Bryant Perfect Air.TM That system effectively filters captures and destroys pollutants & germs that pass through its filtration. But if someone sneezes in your vicinity, you'll be infected by droplets in the air or which may settle on surfaces well before they reach the filter.

The Air Knight REME(R) takes care of the problem by generating safe oxidizing molecules that are circulated throughout your home to kill germs and pollutants in midair and on all surfaces. This low maintenance unit is installed in your ductwork or plenum. It utilizes two research-verified technologies:

  1. PhotohydrolizationTM (PHI) significantly reduces odors & visible smoke, kills viruses and bacteria in the air, and treats contamination on surfacesHere's how: For years, manufacturers and HVAC contractors have incorporated UV bulbs into their air cleaning systems in an attempt to purify indoor air. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the effectiveness of such systems has been limited by the one-inch rule. That means that a pollutant must come within one inch of the UV bulb preferably in still air to cause even a minimal amount of purification.

    The PHI technology couples a broad spectrum UV bulb surrounded by a four rare-metal catalyst to chemically generate a plasma of safe oxides and hydroxyls. When circulated through the air, these free radicals come in contact with pollutant molecules and neutralize them by oxidizing them into harmless water vapor.
  2. Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy (REME): This additional technology enhances your air filter by charging the particulate in the air forcing dust, dander, pollen and other allergens to cling together making them easier for your air filter to capture.

RGF's Advanced Oxidation Technology is being used in the medical, food, military, defense, marine, hospitality industries, by the military, and by government agencies. It has been used in the Norovirus and MRSA protection plan of America's largest restaurant chains, theme parks, cruise lines, public schools, and hospitals.

See the Air Knight REME(R) in action.

See how a "sneeze machine" helped convince the Department of Homeland Security to adopt this technology to combat bio-terrorism on airplanes.

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