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Wednesday, January 25 2023
2023 Mass Save and Federal Residential Rebates and Tax Credits
  1. MassSave(R) rebates and incentives available for qualifying heating and cooling efficiency upgrades* as part of the mass save(R) residential program through the end of 2023 include:
  • AIR SOURCE HEAT PUMPS** (up to $10,000).
  • INTEGRATED CONTROLS***. These automatically switch between heat pump and fuel-burning heater at a pre-set outdoor temperature for most efficient operation. (Up to $1,500.)
  • NATURAL GAS FURNACES (up to $600).

To qualify, installation MUST be completed by an approved licensed contractor. Balanced HVAC in addition has these important certifications. For ductless heat pump installation, Balanced HVAC is a Diamond Contractor(TM), Mitsubishi's highest level of accreditation. 

Call 508-428-0974 to schedule your no-pressure/no-obligation consultation with Lincoln.


     Depending on your household income, you may qualify for special enhanced offers that can save even more!

CLICK HERE for dertails on income-based enhanced incentives.

Energy Star

 2. Additional Federal Tax Credits Are Available on Installations of Qualifying:

  • Air Source Heat Pumps (up to $2,000)
  • Central Air Conditioners (up to $600)
  • Furnaces (up to $600)

Under the Inflation Reduction Act 2022, a broad selection of certified reequipment is available for tax credits.

CLICK HERE for details

CLICK HERE for a worksheet that will help you determine how much you may quaiify for based on household income.


*Balanced HVAC installs gas furnaces and air handlers. We do not install boilers or oil-burning appliances.

**Ducted or non-ducted. Non-ducted mini-split heat pumps are ultra-efficient HVAC systems that produce cooling in the summer and heating in the winter months. They consist of two components: an oudoor condensing unit and one or more indooor air handling units, connected by a conduit through your wall. This makes installation minimally disruptive to your home. They can be used to provide high-efficiency heating and air conditioning to your home without ductwork. LEARN MORE

***Integrated controls can reduce heating costs for homeowners who heat with expensive oil or propane. With these controls, the system will automatically switch from the most economical air source heating to your conventional system only when temperatures drop below pre-selected extreme outdoor temperatures . This allows the maximum comfort and cost savings throughout the heating season.

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Monday, November 01 2021

"The Energy Information Administration (EIA) is warning homeowners that heating bills for houses could be significantly higher this winter--perhaps by as much as 50%." FORTUNE, October 14, 2021.

The grim forecast for Winter '21/'22 is first based on expected jumps in fuel costs:

  • +30% for natural gas
  • +54% for propane
  • +43% for heating oil
  • +6% for electricity.*

Accuweather's forecast for a colder than normal winter in the Northeast could make things far worse.

Considering a worst-case scenerio (10% colder than last winter), the EIA projects actual costs could be increased as much as:

  • +50% for natural gas users
  • +94% for propane users
  • +59% for heating oil users
  • +15% for electricity users.*

If you have not already done so, call us at 508-428-0974
to schedule your precision diagnostic and seasonal tune-up.

This important maintenance service is the surest way to ensure
maximum efficiency and freedom from life-disrupting breakdowns. 

*Ask us about the benefits of installing Mitsubishi ductless. These energy-efficient heat pumps not only add air conditioning for summer but heating for when you need it. LEARN MORE

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Wednesday, January 20 2021
Kill 99+% of Viruses In Your Home -- In Air and On Surfaces

The REME HALO® Whole Home In-Duct Air Purifier uses proprietary Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy technology. Installed in the supply plenum of your existing ductwork, the REME HALO® silently provides whole home and building purification. The ions produced kill 99% of germs and viruses INCLUDING COVID-19 and FLU both in the air and on all surfaces. 

In addition, the unit's dual ionizers reduce airborne particles including dust, dander, pollen and mold spores providing relief to asthma and allergy sufferers.

Click Here For an informational Video.

Click Here for independent Coronavirus test results.

Call us at 508-428-0974 for a FREE consultation.

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Saturday, February 01 2020
Lower Your Energy Bills with Smart Use of Your Thermostat.

Getting slammed with high fuel bills in winter? Electric bills skyrocket in summer? One way to bring these under control is by smart use of your thermostat. By making adjustments when you're out of the house or at night while you're sleeping, you can significantly reduce energy costs and help conserve our planet's precious resources.

Cape Cod households can reduce winter heating costs around 4% for each one degree reduction. You can save around 10% a year by simply turning your thermostat down 10 - 15 degrees for eight hours per day. In summer, a five degree increase for the same eight hours can shave 5 to 10% off air conditioning costs per year. (Source: U.S. Department of Energy's Consumer's Guide to Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy.)

Programmable thermostats can help in these efforts. If you need help setting yours up, give us a call. If you don't have one, call to ask us about having one installed and programmed for you.

Or better yet, ask us about smart technology made simple with WiFi Smart Thermostats. Benefits include:

  • Control from ANYWHERE. App allows you to program your thermostat from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Monitor your vacation home's temperatures. If temperatures fall, you'll be able to call someone to check if your heating is working. If there's a problem, you can call us for a repair before pipes freeze. As one unfortunate Balanced HVAC vacation home customer found out on the weekend following 2014's January arctic blast, a frozen pipe can cause quite a mess.
  • Simple Set-up. Answer a few basic questions, and your 7-day energy-saving program is up and running.
  • Smart Response. This smart technology even learns your heating and cooling cycle times to deliver just the right temperature, right when you need it.
  • Advanced Fan/Comfort Control. Improves air circulation for more even temperatures throughout your home.
  • Timely Alerts. This thermostat alerts you to extreme changes in weather, and reminds you when it's time to change your air filter both on the screen and on your smart device if you're away from home.
  • Indoor humidity sensor. Displays humidity level right on your screen.

Call us at 508-428-0974 to learn about available rebates on this product.

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Saturday, February 01 2020

Our bodies are self-regulating systems. More critical to your comfort than room temperature is how our bodies regulate their own temperature by moisture evaporation from the skin. That's why your summer comfort depends on "conditioned air" -- air that is not only cooled but more importantly de-humidified. The drier the air, the higher the rate of moisture's evaporation from your skin and thus the more your body cools.

For comfort in winter, relative humidity is just as important. The heat produced by your furnace or heat pump is extremely dry. By adding humidity, you slow the body's cooling process thus increasing comfort.

With proper humidity, you'll feel comfortable at lower thermostat settings. And for every degree you lower the thermostat, you will consume about 5% less energy. With proper humidification, most homeowners can save 20% to 30% on heating costs during the coldest days and nights of winter.

Other benefits of whole-home humidification include:

  • Elimination of annoying static electricity,
  • Longer life for fine furniture, fabrics and artwork, and
  • A healthier family less susceptible to winter colds and flu.

Today's humidifiers no longer rely on the standing water that cause mold and mildew problems in the past. Learn more now. Schedule a no-cost no-pressure no-obligation consultation with Lincoln today. 

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Saturday, February 01 2020
How Proper Use of Fans Can Help You Feel Warmer at LOWER Thermostat Settings

Really . . you can CUT energy costs while increasing your winter comfort with these important energy-saving tips.

One of the most frequent winter heating complaints we hear is of rooms temperature swing. One minute a room feels too cold; the next it's too hot. This often results in "thermostat juggling." This NEVER solves the problem, but it ALWAYS WASTES ENERGY.

Here are two steps you can take to improve your family's comfort and your home's energy efficiency. You and your family will actually FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE AT LOWER THERMOSTAT SETTINGS:

  1. During the colder months, set your ceiling fans to run counter-clockwise. Then run them at the slowest speed when you're in that room. This will keep air from pooling on the ceiling and keep it circulating. Remember, hot air rises.
  2. If yours is a high efficiency system with a variable speed blower, run the fan continuously. This will improve circulation and keep temperatures stable. Unlike standard single-speed blowers, these run slowly and ramp up gradually as needed. Their DC motors consume a small fraction of the energy consumed by standard blower motors. The result: less noise, more consistent heat and energy savings because you're no longer fiddling with that thermostat!

Don't have a system with variable speed but interested in learning what higher efficiency can mean to your comfort and family budget? Schedule a no-cost no-pressure no-obligation consultation with Lincoln today.

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Saturday, February 01 2020

We advise our Cape Cod customers and friends to check their heating/cooling system's air filter at the beginning of each month. Changing dirty air filters will:

  • Prevent costly breakdowns.
  • Maximize your family's comfort.
  • Keep your utility bills under control.
  • Minimize dust and & pollen that plague allergy sufferers.
  • Protect your system from expensive damage and premature failure.

Inspect yours each month and change when dirty. This is especially important during those early spring and late summer months when pollen counts are high.

Of course, the best way to insure your comfort and your equipment's long life and efficiency is with Balanced HVAC's annual precision maintenance service.

Schedule now, and we'll check that filter for you.

WARNING: When choosing a filter, be sure to avoid this common but costly mistake!

You'll never forget this important task.

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Saturday, March 31 2018

THE GOOD NEWS: With a lingering cold, wet and snowy early Spring, the worst allergy suffering will arrive late to the Cape this Spring. However, once warmer temperatures do arrive, pollen counts are expected to soar. Spring 2018 looks to be a tough season for allergy sufferers.

Lincoln recommends two state-of-the art solutions to make your entire Cape Cod home a haven for the allergy sufferers in your family.

  1. State-of-the-art air purification & filtration. Ours not only Captures and KillsTM flu viruses from the airstream but eliminates pollen, dust, mold spores and other allergens that can irritate air passages making them more susceptible to cold, flu and sinus infections both inside and away from the home. The patented three-stage technology purifies the air in your entire living space as often as 8 times each hour. The unit can be fitted to work with any brand ducted heating and/or cooling system.
    Learn more and see the three-stage air filter in action.
  2. Revolutionary air scrubbing system. While the purification/filtration system effectively destroys 99% of germs that pass through the filter, two problems remain unaddressed: Ours generates safe oxidizing molecules that circulate throughout your home killing viruses & bacteria as well as neutralizing odors, toxic chemical fumes and other pollutants both midair and on every surface in your home.

    This amazing product is widely used in the medical, food, defense, hotel, airline and cruise ship industries. 
    Learn more and see this revolutionary air scrubber in action.

Call us at 508-428-0974 or schedule here
for a FREE no-pressure no-obligation consultation.

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Tuesday, January 02 2018

Our Cape Cod heating systems are usually not designed for sustained temperatures below 0 degrees. When temperatures drop into subzero zone like they will this week, set your thermostat a couple of degrees higher than usual. DO NOT TURN THE HEAT DOWN AT NIGHT! Your furnace will be working continuously to maintain your home's temperature. Asking it to bring the temperature up will put extra stress on the system. Just set your thermostat a few degrees higher and then forget it!

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Tuesday, July 25 2017

So reads the headline in the July 13, 2017 New York Times

What will have the most impact on the health of the planet? Is it:

  • "Build more wind farms"
  • "Eat less meat worldwide"
  • "Switch to mass transit"

​NO: Their answer was, "Improve air conditioners." 

Growing economies in countries like China, India, Brazil and Indonesia combined with increasing global warming have resulted in sharp rises in air conditioner purchases. Improving air conditioner efficency has NEVER been more critical to the health of our planet. The article cites a Lawrence Berkley National Labortatory study that argues that "even a 30% improvement in efficiency could avoid the peak load equivalent of about 15,00 power plants by 2030."

Every Cape Cod home and business property owner has a part to play.
Here's what you can do:

  1. Dirt accumulated on blower blades and in filters weakens air flow. The resulting imbalance leads to the short-cycling responsible for wasted energy, uneven room comfort, temperature swings and over-heating -- the principal cause of catastrophic AC failures.
  2. Although your AC is a closed system, leaks DO occur. Our annual tune-ups will detect leaks early preventing expensive re-charges not to mention wasted energy and damage to the environment.
  3. An AC just 10% low on coolant requires 20% more energy to operate!
  • Ask us about installing a SMART thermostat. Automatic programming adjusts temperatures for optimum comfort and energy savings based on your weekly schedule as well as for varying time-of-day utility rates. Today's thermostats are easier to program than ever. WiFi enables you to make adjustments from your mobile phone when you're away. 
  • Schedule a no-pressure no-oblitation consultation with your Balanced HVAC professional. Our industry is hard at work improving energy efficiency and perfecting environmentally-friendly refrigerants. We'll help you select the right replacement for your goals and for your budget. You'll learn just what you can expect in savings with today's high-efficency replacements, just how soon you can expect your new system to pay for itself as well as what you can expect in improved family comfort.

    We will collect the refrigerant from your old unit and send it to a recycler. Unfortunately some disreputable contractors will release these harmful chemicals into the environment.

Call 508-428-0974 to schedule your maintenance service
and/or to schedule a no-pressure no-obligation consultation.

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