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Thursday, May 01 2014

Experts are calling the Spring 2014 allergy season "the worst in decades." Here are a few useful tips to bring relief to our Cape Cod neighbors who suffer are suffering from our high spring pollen counts:

  1. Control your home's humidity and with it two of the most virulent allergens.

    Mold & Mildew. Cape Cod's high humidity encourages mold growth throughout our homes. The worst areas are to damp areas like basements, crawl spaces and bathrooms but because mold spores are dispersed in the air and then circulated by your heating/cooling system, allergy sufferers will experience symptoms in every room.

    Dust Mites. These microscopic creepy crawlies thrive in high humidity. They live in mattresses, upholstery, carpets and other home fabrics. Their waste products and dead body parts are among the most irritating triggers to allergy and asthma.

    Frequent vacuuming; weekly washing of bed linens and mattress covers in hot water; and replacement of heavy drapery, rugs and carpets with hard surface window treatments and flooring will control dust mites, but by far the EASIEST solution is to control your home's humidity. Where humidity remains below 50%, these creatures desiccate and die.

    Lincoln recommends Aprilaire's whole-house central dehumidifier. This low-maintenance unit is installed into your existing ductwork to pull air through the return ducts. It drains away moisture and then sends dry air back into every room. Where air conditioning exists, it works in conjunction to balance humidity levels. During cooler periods or where air conditioning isn't installed, it works independently to monitor and control your home's humidity. Learn more by scheduling a no pressure, no cost, no obligation consultation with Lincoln today.
  2. Keep doors and windows closed on even the most inviting fall day.
    Rather let your air conditioner continue to run even when temperatures are moderate.

    Nothing is more natural than the desire to throw open windows after a hazy hot and humid summer. But for allergy sufferers, this means just more red noses, scratchy throats, wheezing and labored breathing. Keeping your air conditioner running will circulate air through its air filter. With the fall's moderate temps, the cost will not be burdensome. And always remember to check filters often and to change them when dirty. This will not only keep your air cleaner but will keep your system energy-efficient and problem-free. If you haven't already, sign up for our FREE monthly reminders.

    Those with today's high efficiency systems have the added advantage of a two-speed compressor and variable speed blower. In fall, these systems run at lower more energy-efficient speeds. And because of the extra-efficiency of their DC powered blowers, you can set your thermostat for continual fan for maximum air circulation and filtration. Many come equipped with humidity monitors that enlist the air conditioner in maintaining a set humidity target.
  3. Consider upgrading your air filters. This is NEVER SOMETHING YOU SHOULD DO YOURSELF! The "high efficiency filters sold in home centers and hardware stores WILL obstruct the airflow so critical to your comfort and to your system's energy-efficiency. The consequences are grave including damage to expensive compressors and fan motors.Lincoln has solutions designed capture the most microscopic allergens with minimal impact on air flow. Learn more by scheduling a no-pressure, no-cost, no-obligation consultation today.
  4. Keep pets away from allergy sufferers. As much as you love them, pets bring in plenty of outdoor allergens -- especially this time of year. Their dander is also an irritant. Obviously the best solution is to keep them outdoors, but if that's not possible, you should maintain at least one pet-free room (preferably a bedroom) where your allergy suffer can find relief.
  5. Change clothes and shower when you come in from outdoor activities. This time of year, even a short walk or time spent in the yard can cover you with allergens. These will then be tracked through the home and deposited on furniture.

We hope you will find these tips useful in bringing relief to the allergy sufferers in your life. To learn more, schedule a no-pressure, no-obligation consultation with Lincoln today.

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Thursday, May 01 2014

When Pacific Electric and Gas commissioned an independent study of the air conditioners of customers who had complained of high summer electric bills, here is what they found:

  • 67% had improper air flow.
  • 53% had dirty or clogged coils.
  • 40% had dirty, clogged or missing filters.
  • 27% had refrigerant that was overcharged.
  • 27% had refrigerant that was undercharged.
  • 20% had refrigerant leaks.
  • 93% had duct leakage greater than the recommended maximum.

In all cases, they found that energy use could be lowered 10% to 30% without a major repair.

The study concluded that most of these problems were the result of improper installation, neglected maintenance, or service by either unqualified or unscrupulous technicians who failed to take sufficient time to diagnose or repair problems.

Lincoln Stubbs considers our seasonal heating/cooling maintenance the most important service we perform for our Cape Cod neighbors. Your Balanced HVAC technician takes the time necessary to insure that the job is done right. He never cuts corners. His every step is guided by testing with precision instruments.

Here are just a few important benefits Cape Cod homeowners will enjoy with Balanced HVAC:

  1. BEAT THE RUSH! The most likely time for your air conditioner to fail is when hot weather first hits. That's when our phones ring off the hook. Scheduling early both assures you uninterrupted comfort and scheduling at your convenience.
  2. SAVE MONEY! A clogged or out-of-balance system, low refrigerant, a loose electrical connection, a part needing lubrication -- These are just some of the conditions that will run up your summer electric bills. The sooner you service -- the lower your electric bills, the less chance of an expensive inconvenient summer breakdown, the longer your unit will last, and the more likely your manufacturer's warranty will be honored if you do have a problem.
  3. MAXIMIZE FAMILY COMFORT! A room that never cools? Large temperature swings? Cold clammy air? All are symptoms of a neglected system. Why suffer this summer? A good cleaning and tune-up resolves most problems.
  4. GET ALLERGY RELIEF! Although you can greatly enhance air quality with advanced filtration and special air cleansers (discussed next), allergy relief begins with a clean well-tuned unit and sound duct work. Duct leaks not only waste energy but can draw dust and contaminants into the air stream that then circulate throughout your home.

Schedule your precision cleaning and maintenance service now.

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