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Monday, November 09 2015

Always test your heating system early even before the cold arrives. It's the surest way to know that heat will be there when you do need it. Problems are most likely to appear after your system has been idle for months. You want to identify problems and get them fixed now. It never fails that when temperatures first drop our phones start ringing off the hook. Test now and avoid the rush if your system will need repair.

Because it will heat up your home, it's best to perform this simple test when temperatures are first in the early 70s. Simply set your thermostat to "heat" and turn up the temperature setting. Wait a while after hearing your system start. Then check to see that there's warm air coming from every vent (or heat coming from your radiant system).

Give us a call if you experience any unusual noises or odors, or if you have any doubts or questions about your system's peformance.

Of course your best assurance of a trouble-free season with special seasonal savings and benefits comes with a precision maintenance service by your Balanced HVAC professional. If you have a humidifier, be sure to have it serviced too.

Schedule Maintenance Service Now.

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Monday, November 09 2015
Scheduled to expire September 20th, this rebate offer has been extended indefinitely. Ranging from $750 up to a maximum of $3,750, the rebates are available to eligible homeowners who install qualifying air source heat pumps (central or ductless split systems).
Heat pumps provide cooling in summer and heat in winter far more efficiently than electric resistance or oil heaters.  
These rebates are in addition to to the rebates and 0% financing also available through the Mass Save(R) program.
Learn more by contacting Lincoln, your Quality Installation Verification (QIV) approved contractor,
at 508-428-0974 o
r schedule a no-pressure no-obligation consultation 
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Monday, November 09 2015
Squirrel Threatens Cape Family

No, marauding squirrels are not terrorizing our neighborhoods. But we did find one recently when we investigated a deadly carbon monoxide leak from a customer's furnace. Yes, a squirrel had curled up inside the homeowner's warm chimney and died.

If we had not peformed that routine preventative maintenance check, the outcome may have been tragic. Carbon monoxide is the leading cause of poisoning in the U.S. Even low level exposures are dangerous to your family's health. Carbon monoxide induced headaches and respiratory symptoms are often mistaken as winter colds or flu viruses even by medical professionals. Infants and the elderly are especially at risk to such low level exposure.

Deadly carbon monoxide gases are odorless and colorless. The only way to protect your family is by:

  • Installing a carbon monoxide detector in your home. Our professional carbon monoxide detectors are far more sensitive than those sold in home centers and hardware stores.
  • Scheduling an annual safety check by your heating professional early every fall. This important service is included with every Balanced HVAC pre-winter maintenance tune-up.
  • Checking your chimney or furnace flue throughout the year to be sure that the cap is firmly in place.

Call us now at 508-428-0974, or schedule maintenance service online.

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