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Tuesday, November 01 2016

“Is My Air Conditioner Causing Global Warming?”

You may well be wondering with the recent announcement of an international agreement to phase out HFCs*, the most common refrigerant used by the air conditioning industry (Money, USA Today, Oct. 15, 2017). HFCs replaced the ozone-depleting CFCs** as mandated by earlier international agreement, the 1989 Montreal Protocols. While not damaging the ozone layer, these replacement refrigerants have since been found to trap thousands of times as much heat in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. Hence the new mandate.

*HFCs – hydro-fluorocarbons (R-410A refrigerant).
**CFCs – chlorofluorocarbons (R-22 refrigerant).

Here’s the good news:

  1. As reported by USA Today, if your air conditioner (or heat pump) is working properly, it WON’T release HVCs into the atmosphere. Likewise if your old unit is disposed of properly by an U.S. EPA certified technician, it will not release these harmful gases.
  2. Unlike the fossil fuel industry which is dragging its feet on addressing climate change, our industry is hard at work perfecting systems using new refrigerants that do not contribute to global warming.

What you can do:

  1. The only way to insure that your AC or heat pump is operating working properly is to have it maintained annually by your Balanced HVAC professionals.

Annual maintenance not only assures that your unit is operating safely but also that it is operating at its maximum performance and energy-efficiency.

Additional benefits Balanced HVAC’s maintenance customers enjoy include:

  • PRIORITY SCHEDULING. Even when summer's scorching temperatures or winter's icy blasts have our phones ringing off the hook, you will go to the head of the line.
  • A 25% discount on all parts for needed repairs.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Manufacturer's warranties maintained. Most warranties require regular maintenance.
  • Family health and safety including protection from deadly carbon monoxide.
  • Enough savings to pay for your next home comfort system.*

*The average Cape Cod homeowner who has his system maintained annually will save approximately $7,400 in utilities and reduced repair costs over the life of his heating/cooling system.

  1. When it comes time to replace your old system, be sure to have it done by your U.S. EPA certified Balanced HVAC professionals. 

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